Until the Day I Die

My name is Kayben. I'm a guy. I cross dress. I'm gay. My heart has been stolen by Christopher, he's just not aware.. so keep it a secret.
I fall for men easily.. so easily. I've had my heart broken several times. People have asked me if I'm a girl. I'm a guy, once again. I just wear make up, and try to be pretty. :)

Day 3 of the Tokio Hotel challenge) What is your favorite song from Schrei?


My favourite song from Schrei is Ich bin nich’ ich <3

I’ll post it in a sec :)

Bill & Tom Vacation on the Maledives

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“We lost a dream we never had” , Tom Kaulitz 


Bill kaulitz (young) appreciation post

Durch den Monsun - Tokio Hotel (Official Video)

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